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2015 WordCamp kickoff meeting Monday Jan 12th 2015

We are excited to announce that we are having our 2015 WordCamp kickoff meeting Monday Jan 12th 2015 from 7pm 8pm. We encourage everyone to come out and be a part of the team. There will be around 16 items to cover and about 5 or 6 available team lead spaces to handle these items. We will be using a buddy system so that no one person is handling their items alone. […] Read More

September Meeting Recap & a shout out to Athletics and NSS

The September meetup was a great event, hosted at Deavor, curated by Athletics and co-sponsored by Athletics and WPEngine. With three great speakers, it was no wonder we had an attendance of around 60 or 70 Pressers! As well Athletics made a donation of the leftover funds to the Nashville Software School. Everyone wins! […] Read More

BarCamp Nashville Saturday, October 18th

BarCamp Nashville on Saturday, October 18th. BarCamp is an annual tech conference that covers hardware, software, marketing, content and social media. As an unconference, everyone is encouraged to fully participate by speaking, asking questions, networking or volunteering. […] Read More

Redefining the Limits of WordPress

As we mentioned earlier this week we have a great meetup happening at the end of the month, however we never mentioned who was speaking. The team over at @athleticsnyc put together a great roster for the night.

Check out the speakers! […] Read More

Blogging, Content Management and Beyond

In step with WordPress’ steady growth and global adoption, we’ve all become familiar with its identity as *the* go-to blogging platform and CMS.

But that only scratches the surface of WordPress’ potential. This month’s meetup will focus on work using WordPress in clever and unexpected ways, exploring the platform’s ever-evolving scope and flexibility. […] Read More

WCN14 Podcast Interviews Available on SoundCloud

WordCamp Nashville 2014 was nearly four months ago but the goodness hasn’t stopped.

We’ve been working with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice to get podcast interviews from the event organized and published. They are assembled on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure.

Clark chatted with diverse members of the region’s WordPress and technology communities, including Randy Hicks, John Housholder, Mitch Canter, Jeremy Rivera Pamela Coyle, Cal Evans, Sue Anne Reed, Luke Stokes, James Ashenhurst, Paul Schatzkin and Bryan Huddleston (of the Nashville Technology Council).

Click here for the full list of recordings from the pop-up podcast booth at WordCamp Nashville 2014.

The tracks on SoundCloud are […] Read More

WPNashville Site Update

As you can see we’ve made a major update to the look and feel of the wpnashville site. We went simple, clean and easy to update! The goal of the update was to simplify the site and open it up to be more of a utility to the community.

The “Community”
The Community portion of the site is where organizers of Meetups and WordCamps can publicly collaborate on current events and ideas for events. The goal is to keep group management and organizing open to the public. Anyone can subscribe to the community feed, follow the conversation and/or comment on the posts […] Read More

Meetup: Any member may suggest an event!

Hello Fellow Meetup WordPressers!
We are excited to announce that the meetup group management has shifted! The group will now be more in line with the official WordPress Chapter. Since our meetup was started in 2010 before the WordPress Chapter program was created we’ve been doing it old school, but that is all changing and we hope that some of you will take advantage of this!
So what has changed?
Any member of the meetup group may now suggest and/ or schedule an event through the WordPress meetup site. When a new event is suggested/ scheduled a message will be sent to all […] Read More

April Meetup 2014: Help Desk: WordCamp-Style

WordPress gurus will be on hand to lead a general Q&A session as well as to meet with people 1-on-1 to answer any and all questions you might have about WordPress. This same team (plus a few others) will be running Track 0 (the Help Desk) at WordCamp Nashville on May 3.

Sign-ups for the 1-on-1’s will be on a first-come, first-serve basis the night of the meetup.

[…] Read More