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WordCamp 2013: Todd O’Neill: What’s Content Strategy and Why Should I Care?

This talk shows how to make your mistakes on paper or simple desktop and online tools before you commit to a server. Fast, Good, Cheap; Choose two. Do it Good and on the Cheap. It may take a little longer but it will be Right.

Todd O’Neill @doingmedia

member_29732272Todd O’Neill has been doing some form of electronic media his entire career. He is a connector of dots and a fan of bright shiny objects. He began in corporate video then transitioned to CD-ROM multimedia for clients like The AFKAP (Prince), then on to online as the an initial team member for a Fortune 200 financial services firm, finally landing at his own firm in San Antonio; DoingMedia; consulting and preventing disastrous communication and social media mistakes. Todd now corrupts young minds as an Assistant Professor of New Media at Middle Tennessee State University.

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