Submissions for Faces of WordPress are closed for the year. We’ll open them back up in the summer of 2017! To be alerted, sign up for emails from WordCamp Nashville (use the “subscribe” option in the left sidebar) or follow us on twitter!

  • Share your official title - or how you use or are involved with WordPress
  • Where on the web can people find out the most about you?
  • This is for one of our team to contact you - it will not be displayed publicly.
  • For users - what would you tell someone considering using WordPress for the first time? For developers - what would you tell a new developer or someone considering pursuing a hobby or career in development?
  • Can you also juggle? Do you winter in South America? Can you build a canoe using nothing but a felled tree and a block plane?
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    Please attach an up-to-date image of you that will render 300px by 300px online - it will help us to recognize you when we see you out at the next event... or the grocery store! Ideally, you'd send it larger but the final display on-page will be a 300x300 square.