The following is the process to become a WordCamp organizer. Please not that there is one primary organizer for each WordCamp. The first person to submit this form each year will be the primary organizer.

It is suggested that before submission the group decides who is going to be the primary organizer and have primary contact with WordCamp.

I (randy) just submitted not realizing I would become the primary organizer so please do not submit with out consulting the group.

Organizer Form

An email will be given to the primary organizer to have forwarded to the email of their choice. I chose to have the email forwarded to That address will be available to all core organizers.

WordCamp Contacts
Andrea Middleton –

Handles all WC interactions questions and various tasks. If you have generalized questions you may want to try the forums at before you email. She is very active on that site.

Cami Kaos –

Handles most of the finance interactions. She also set up the 2014 website.

Basic breakdown of getting WordCamp approval
  • Application
  • Andrea sends guidelines approval doc
  • Website created
  • Email forward setup
  • Create Preliminary budget
  • Submit budget to rep
  • Budget approval
  • Book venue, use “WordPress Foundation” as legal entity, “Andrea Middleton” as primary contract person and “your name” as primary contact.
  • After approval the date is put on
  • After approval we get volt sponsorship availability