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If you are interested in sponsoring WPNashville and/ or the meetup please check out one of the two paths you can take to sponsor the group.

Regardless of what path you take we have a few requirements and considerations we ask of all potential sponsors.


Because the Nashville meetup group is part of the WordPress Chapter program we ask that you do a personal audit of yourself and/or business to make sure you are inline with the WordPress Trademark and GPL compatibility. Please see these links below to make sure you are in the clear. We will also do an audit of what we can find. If we find you are not inline with these requirements we will put your sponsorship on pause and contact you to see what we can do to get you back on track!

If you’re wondering why these requirements are important please watch the video on Matt Mullenweg’s blog from 2009. Matt Mullenweg Q&A: WordPress & GPL

WordPress Trademark and GPL compatibility

Group approved

The Nashville WordPress community must approve your sponsorship. This is typically very easy! We post to the community site and send out links via slack where our most active members are. You will have total access to see those conversation and be a part of the approval process. You are also free to lobby for your approval if you feel like it. 🙂

Please consider before getting started

One of the primary goals of the Nashville WordPress community is to foster a heathy collaborative environment. Occasionally we need money to make the environment more enjoyable by supplying drinks, food or a few office supplies to help members remember the good parts. If your goals are more geared towards monetary returns, you may want to connect with us before moving forward.

Monetary Sponsorship

We offer a 6 month sponsorship at $30 a month. The money is deposited in the group paypal account and used to buy food, water and potential items like pads and pens for people to take notes.

Monetary Sponsorship – Get Started »

In-Kind Sponsorship

What is an in-kind sponsor you ask? Checkout the page for the full details, but in short it is a sponsor that directly provides a community need or want. With an in-kind sponsor there is no exchange of money.

In-Kind Sponsorship – Get Started »