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In-kind – Get Started

What is an in-kind sponsorship? In short it is a sponsor that directly provides a community need or want. With an in-kind sponsor there is no exchange of money.

Community receives

  • Food
  • Location
  • Projector

What you get

  • Introduction at the beginning of the associated meetup event
  • Tweets from @wpnashville before, during or after the event (we do not currently have a dedicated media person, but we try to stay on top of it 🙂 )

We are open to other considerations. Please keep in mind, what we make available for you, we will have to make available to all in-kind sponsors. With this in mind we try to keep it lean and focused.

Please consider before getting started

One of the primary goals of the Nashville WordPress community is to foster a heathy collaborative environment. If you’re goals are more geared towards monetary returns you may want to connect with us before moving forward.

Fill out the form below and we’ll connect with you about sponsorship.

    The requirements mentioned in step 4 above are important to us. By checking this box you agree to the conditions outlined in step 4.

    If we find you are not inline with step 4 we will put your sponsorship on pause and contact you to see what we can do to get you back on track!

  • Tell us about you or your business

  • This text will be used to introduce you as a potential sponsor. Write as if you're speaking to the group. This is NOT an interview so please be as personable as you like!
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