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Sponsorship – Monetary – Get Started

Step 1

About you.

Tell us a little bit about you or you business and why you want to sponsor the local community.

Step 2

Which area of the community do you want to sponsor?

The meetup group is naturally diverging into two groups. One group is interested in using WordPress to build their personal or business websites. Another group is interest in learning to code using WordPress as their base CMS.

Step 3

How monetary sponsorship works and What you get.

We offer a 6 month sponsorship at $30 a month. The money is deposited in the group paypal account and used to buy food, water and potential items like pads and pens for people to take notes.

We currently limit this sponsorship level at 1 concurrent sponsor per primary group at any one time. We currently have a regular user meetup and a regular developer meetup. The goal is to help pay for small items while also inform the community about local businesses or national opportunities.

What you get:

  • Blog post on WPNashville
  • Newsletter mention re-iterating the blog post
  • Logo and link in the sidebar
  • Introduction at the beginning of the associated meetup(s)
  • Tweets from @wpnashville before, during or after the event (we do not currently have a dedicated media person, but we try to stay on top of it 🙂 )

We are open to other considerations, but if it is offered to you as a sponsor it must be offered to all sponsors.

Please consider before getting started

One of the primary goals of the Nashville WordPress community is to foster a heathy collaborative environment. Occasionally we need money to make the environment more enjoyable by supplying drinks, food or a few office supplies to help members remember to good parts. If you’re goals are more geared towards monetary returns you may want to connect with us before moving forward.

Fill out the form below and we’ll connect with you about sponsorship.

  • If you do not have paypal and would rather pay in an alternate method please let us know in the misc comments at the bottom.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
    Please upload a jpg or png of your logo. We'll work with you to find the best placement in the sidebar. Please upload an image @2x but no larger than 1mb. jpg or png accepted.

    The requirements mentioned in step 4 above are important to us. By checking this box you agree to the conditions outlined in step 4.

    If we find you are not inline with step 4 we will put your sponsorship on pause and contact you to see what we can do to get you back on track!

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