[CANCELED] WordPress Live HelpDesk

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CANCELATION NOTE: (Posted April 16) Due to a death in the family, our host and community organizer, is unable to host our event this April 19.

Looking for help with a stubborn WordPress issue that you just can’t figure out? Maybe you just want to come down and hang out with other WordPress people. No matter your experience level, join us for an informal (in-person) HelpDesk night where we learn by sharing WordPress techniques and experiences helping each other.

This is a give-and-get MeetUp: Give some help and get back from others, even if you don’t have much experience with WordPress.

Following the helpdesk hour (5pm), we will also host an educational session:

WordPress Operations Basics (6pm)

This talk is a great overview of the best practices for starting and maintaining a successful WordPress website application.

In this talk we will stay at a practical high level while covering the core topics in:

  1. Hosting and WordPress Platform Options
  2. Setting Up WordPress
  3. Functionality from Themes and Plugins
  4. Publishing Your Site (Adding Content)
  5. Maintenance and Ongoing Support

Who is This Talk For?

You do not have to be a developer or have previous experience with WordPress or websites to get value from this talk.
You may be a small business owner, writer, marketer, artist, or other person interested in having a website.
You may/not already have a WordPress website.

About Our Speaker

Mervin Hernandez is our local WP Nashville Community Organizer. He’s has been a longtime WordPress community member and organizer. Everything he has learned about WordPress and tech has come from tinkering, good resources around the open web, and business school on the side. Today he serves as the Director of Client Solutions at rtCamp (an international WordPress consultancy) and enjoys staying hands on with independent projects as well.

Learn more about Mervin and connect with him at MervinHernandez.com.

RSVP and Attendance

The number of reservations is limited. If you reserve a spot and don’t show up, someone who could have attended the MeetUp is left out. Please DO cancel if you are unable to attend. RSVP lists will be monitored, and frequent no-shows will not be allowed to RSVP to future events.

What to Bring for The HelpDesk:

A laptop so that you can get online and participate.
Your logins for your WordPress site and your hosting account.
Description of your issue, and what you have tried to resolve it.
A desire to have fun and learn — all experience levels welcome!

Call for Developer Helpers

If you’re an experienced developer and are looking for a way to give back to the community, please consider joining us either in person or virtually for assisting our attendees. To express interest as a helper developer, please visit: https://wpnashville.com/helper-developer

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