Meetup: All Levels: Code Night – Anatomy of a Theme


Join us for a hands-on coding series where we will be working through the anatomy of a WordPress theme.


We will be meeting in the Graphic Design Room 1. Please see the map below for specific details on how to get to the room from the parking lot. Download the map

We will be using the book “Professional WordPress, Design and Development” and starting from Chapter 9, which focuses on theme development. We are going to follow along with the book so anyone can join at any point and have all the materials they need in one easy spot. The book is not required, but it will help. A paperback version is suggested over the digital version.

The goal of this meetup is to offer a simple presentation on working with theme code. After the presentation we’ll be doing q&a on the materials we covered and the technologies used. After we have answered all the question on the materials, we’ll move into a more general q&a where we’ll try to fix issues for attendees.

Book we are going to follow:
Professional WordPress, Design and Development
Chapter 9: Theme development

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A shout out location host Nossi College of Art

“Dedicated to preparing students for the vast and exciting business of visual communications.”

Directions to “Graphic Design Room 1”

Nossi Campus Map

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