Nashville Meetup – Meeting Format

The Nashville meetup group has been meeting since January of 2011, and over the last 8 months we’ve seen quite a bit of fluctuation in attendance. In an effort to be more consistent I thought it would be helpful to put together a meeting format I will follow anytime we are not having a special presentation.

Special presentation are always welcome and we are always looking for anyone who is interested in getting involved with speaking or doing demonstrations. However, if we do not have anything special planned you can expect the following.

This format should meet the basic needs of most users ranging from curious to beginner, bloggers to website owners and wp-hacker to wp-developer.

Here is a short list of what I have planned.

  1. 5-10min intro to WordPress.
  2. 30min demo on the WordPress admin, pre-determined or requested.
  3. 30min demo on WordPress Development php, css, html – pre-determined or requested.

Extended descriptions

1. 10-15min intro to WordPress.

  • Intro to WordPress – Paraphrased blurb from .org “About” page.
  • Why – Stats and facts about usage, seo & community.

2. 30min demo on the WordPress admin, pre-determined or requested.
The general concept is to help people learn WordPress to perform the basics of what the system is designed to do; publishing content.

  • Pre-Determined – Editing and publishing content, Settings and options, ect.
  • Requested – Something specific that you would like to learn with in the standard WordPress admin.

3. 30min demo on WordPress Development – php, html – pre-determined or requested.
Some Ideas:

  • Transferring a wp-install in less than 15min.
  • Turning static html into a theme.
  • Template Tags
  • Using WP_Query and the Loop.
  • WordPress functions to know.

If you have a request leave a comment below or post it to the Meetup Message Board.

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