First Nashville WordPress Developer Meetup


The first WordPress developer meetup will be held in the upstairs office of Ah So Designs and Kenneth White Design for intermediate and advanced developers.  (upstairs of the tshirt shop)

June 1st 3:00pm until 4:30pm

440 E Iris Dr
Nashville, TN 37204
Google Map to Location:

Everyone should bring a 5 minute slide presentation (in PowerPoint or Keynote) on responsive design development.  Ideas of topics are responsive design best dev practices, responsive design WordPress frameworks, and resources.  If you don’t have a presentation, please come with two questions for the group.

There will also be an ice chest so please bring several of your favorite beers to trade and share.

Please RSVP on this Facebook fan page and join (under the developers tab) for latest updates.

****please note, b/c it is the first developer meetup, it is not being posted on the regular Meetup site.

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