November’s WP Meetup – to .org


This month we are having a member come out and talk about his experience with moving from to a self hosted installation. If you’re not already a member of Nashville WordPress Meetup group then hit the link at the bottom of the post before you go!

  1. A presentation on “ to .org” – 20 minutes

    “I’m an online chemistry tutor and promote my service through blogging. After about a year of blogging I was starting to run into some of the limitations of a site and I needed to migrate to a platform. This was scary for me, as I’m not very computer savvy. In this talk I’ll briefly go over the story of how I hired a developer to build a new site for me and how having a platform is giving me opportunities to grow my business beyond services to products.”

    ~ James Ashenhurst of

  2. Presentation Q&ampA – 10 minutes

  3. What’s everyone working on? – 10 minutes

    We’ll take a couple of volunteers and let them showcase their site.

  4. WordPress business around town. – 10 minutes

    Wrap it up with a brief chat about the locally in the WordPress community and what is in store for 2012.

  5. Questions and dismissal. – 5 minutes

Location Change
We have changed the location of this meetup to ESpaces.
This is NOT permanent, so please always be aware of the location for future meetups.

November’s Meetup Event

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