Planners & Volunteers Meetup for WordCamp Nashville 2012

This month we are having an official WordCamp planning meeting and volunteer signup. We were approved Friday (02-10) by WordCamp official, and we are now on the move. We will be spending this month walking you through the current details and plans for the WordCamp.

To be involved head over to the meetup group and RSVP »

Here is a short list of what we will be covering.

  • WordCamp Theme & Design
  • Sponsorship
  • General Finances
  • Day of Planning & Volunteers
  • Speakers & Sessions

Our goal is to solidify a group of Volunteers and divide up the tasks so that we can all to our part. One of the overall goals is to make the event as enjoyable for those of us putting it on as it will be for the attendees.

Our Meetups are as important to us as they are to you, and we hope that you will come out to be involved in the making of Nashville’s first WordCamp. If you have never heard of WordCamp or think it’s just another conference please read up, you will like what you find!

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