Video Resources for WordPress Beginners

Over the last year of helping out with the Nashville WordPress Meetups I’ve been asked a lot of different questions, 80% of them fall into the beginner area. Everyone has been here and we know it can be tough. Eventually we find our way to a site that seems to have everything we’ve been looking for. Others of us just tough it out and end up clicking on every single button or link we can find.

Wow, that was easy! Mom's going to love this post about her spaghetti!

If you are new to WordPress and are looking to get your feet wet here is my personal suggestion. The best solution is a combination of good resources and a good old fashion clicking. Do your homework! Surprise! some advice right, it’s that simple.

In an effort to keep the meetups from being a continual beginner class I think it would be good for us here at WPNashville to continually post new resources we find and hear about. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment. There are so many resources it can be hard to keep up on all the good ones.

Video Resources

A huge resources that you may not realize exists is A few words of caution, be patient and you’re going to find a whole lot more than just tutorials. is a massive pool of videos from users all over the world. Go to »

I came across this focused video series while looking for WordPress Tutorials. This series is from author “Deltina Hay“. These tutorials were made when 3.0 came out and they are definitely still relevant.

Deltina does an amazing job of walking you through many typical items you will encounter on a regular basis when using WordPress. Don’t shy away just because her video’s are over 7min, you really can’t expect to get a good thorough explanation with out putting in the time. View the complete series: “WordPress 3 Tutorials” by Deltina Hay »

If you would like to add to the resources here leave a comment and we’ll add them into our next related post.

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