WordCamp 2013: Judy Wilson: Security With WordPress.org Self-Installation

In this talk learn how to protect your site from four different hacks with solid, best practice safeguards.

Judy Wilson @siteshackdesign

jpegJudy Wilson has been designing and building professional Web sites since about 1995 when living in the epicenter of all things Web — San Francisco. In 2000, she returned to Nashville, her home town, and went to work for as Webmaster for the Owen School at Vanderbilt. In January, 2004, she opened Site Shack Web Design. She also teaches WordPress classes at The Skillery. Hobbies (besides the Internet)? Design, writing, photography, history, dachsunds, cats, gardening, food, wine. Passions: life, friends and family of all definitions. And once again: The Internet.

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