WordCamp 2013: Michael Toppa: Clean Code For WordPress Plugins

What is clean code? This talk provides some answers to this question, and introduces some good habits that will help keep your code clean, such as the use of meaningful names for your variables and functions, and the Single Responsibility Principle.

Michael Toppa @mtoppa

3c00cfd86ff7724a46c80b971fab7e50Mike Toppa has been coding for the web since the days of HTML 1.0, when web pages were first painted on cave walls with bison blood. He’s a developer for the civic engagement startup ElectNext, and previously was the Director of Development for WebDevStudios. He’s also worked at U Penn, Stanford, Georgetown, Ask Jeeves, and E-Trade, and is experienced working in Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, Perl, and of course, PHP and WordPress. You can find him online at toppa.com and @mtoppa.

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