WPNashville Site Update

As you can see we’ve made a major update to the look and feel of the wpnashville site. We went simple, clean and easy to update! The goal of the update was to simplify the site and open it up to be more of a utility to the community.

The “Community”

The Community portion of the site is where organizers of Meetups and WordCamps can publicly collaborate on current events and ideas for events. The goal is to keep group management and organizing open to the public. Anyone can subscribe to the community feed, follow the conversation and/or comment on the posts to give their feedback.

The idea is to follow the example of make.wordpress.org/community. As one of the leaders of the web WordPress is definitely doing something right and it’s our belief that community is the key.

How can you get involved?

Join the meetup group, come out to a meetup event and meet some new people from the area. If you have done all of that and you want more, take the plunge and become an organizer! Have a question or want to chat send us an email [email protected] or use the form on the Questions page.


For those who want the nuts and bolts of the update

The primary goal of this update was to give the site the ability to connect the community and not just publish too the community. First thing we did was update the install to WordPress Network installation in order to allow us to host different themes and plugin packages at different urls. The first of such tools is the community section.

The community site runs on the P2 Theme by Automattic. The goal is to offer a separate thread for organizers to communicate to the community with out mixing it in with the news and presentation posts.

We used the P2 Theme specifically because it has a handful of customizations that have been specifically designed to help interaction between authors. Here is a short list of p2 plugins that have been very helpful!

P2 Plugins
All our other plugins

If you have question or you find a bug please let us know!

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